She Did It All Well

Her Spaghetti Bolognese was to die for...So we share her recipe with you Alyx Heilig was a mother to two of CookieDaddy co-founders, Tana Boerger and Alana Davidson. Born in 1925 into a dysfunctional, poor family, Alyx created a goal for herself of achieving personal happiness Read More

Can You Name This Super-Food Ingredient?

    I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that often I will read about an ingredient – maybe in Saveur – and then soon I begin to see that ingredient everywhere – promoted in specialty stores, specified in recipes, talked about even on Read More


CookieDaddy's passion is to use the finest ingredients to create supremely decadent cookies. Each cookie is filled with unique layers of flavor that will leave a lasting impression.

We're a family-owned company headed by CookieDaddy, Tom Boerger, his wife Tana Boerger and sister-in-law Alana Davidson. Having lived in many parts of the world, Tom developed a passion for international flavors, which he incorporates into each cookie. Our goal with every bite is to create an exceptional product that's worth eating.  READ MORE


Cookies to the Stars

CookieDaddy is going places!

A few times each year, CookieDaddy hits the road to share its cookies with celebrities. They've given us an enthusiastic two thumbs up! READ MORE

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Happy Earth Day! We've rounded up 5 ways to celebrate by making your kitchen a little greener:
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